Pronunciation is a separate skill that you can get really good at before you even know one word of German! It's so important to be able to pronounce foreign words and phrases correctly right from the beginning, so you won't have to UNLEARN any errors that have become set in your mind and you tongue.

A good way to start pronunciation practice is to first practice your listening skills until you can hear the difference between words that look and sound similar. We have several listening courses here for you:

Once you have some success with hearing German words and telling them apart, then it's a natural progression to say them aloud.

Practicing your German pronunciation with German poetry gives you the additional cultural benefit of memorizing a classic German poem that is familiar to thousands of native speakers. When they hear you reciting a favorite poem, you will win a special place in their heart. That's how you stay in love with the German language, people and culture.

All our pronunciation courses, activities and quick video tips are found below.

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