My name is Eva Bogard. I’m the founder and director of the Time To Learn German Academy, where you get the tools and guidance to speak, read, write and pronounce German correctly.You also discover how to qualify and apply for free college in Germany, which may mean you need to pass a German language exam (for example the "TestDaF). Get prepared for this exam here with a behind the scenes tour of the format and strategies students use to pass this exam. I'll even take you to Germany myself with our TTLG field trip over Spring Break and in the summer. My Time to Learn German Academy offers you a complete package- you'll find it nowhere else.

I help people who have a burning need or desire to speak, read, and write in German, while also learning to understand German culture and customs so they enjoy being in Germany and can build a network of new friends and partners. I train you with my intensive, but self-paced learning program so you reach your goal as fast as possible.

Through helping over a thousand students over the course of my 23 years of classroom teaching, I know you want fast results that you can use to change the course of your life as soon as possible. Learning online with my concentrated curriculum is just like joining a fitness program at a gym, only this is for your brain.

I love so many things about Germany and her people that I want to help you experience the fun that comes from being there. I can't wait until you see all the castles, smell the warm pretzels, feast you eyes on the mountain ranges and kilometers of forests, and don't forget the cold freshly brewed German beer or the chilled German white wine from the nearby vineyards! I like to point out the many things that are different in Germany, but you will also discover how much you have in common with German-speakers. I believe that an appreciation for diversity will change the world. That’s why I hope you will join me today. Germany, her people and her culture are AMAZING! But to discover this first-hand, you must be able to speak and understand German- reading and writing German doesn't hurt either ;)

Instructor Qualities


You have all the tools you need to be successful at every step through this training program. I make sure you go deep into the practice, and not just skim the surface during an activity. Think of it as an academic Olympics.


Having an instructor who is super organized means you can find what you need in your course quickly, your learning environment is safe and secure, and your needs are attended to in professional way.


There is never a reason to feel stupid, or ever be embarrassed to ask a question over and over again! I have an almost unending supply of patience and will always treat you with kindness.


My goal is for you to reach your goal. I follow your progress as you move through each course, and if you encounter unexpected challenges, I find a way to make it work for you.

Sense of humor

I hope you can stand some occasional silliness. It tends to show up in your motivational lessons, in a quick comment in a video tutorial, in a Facebook post, or in a personal message. I believe good clean humor, that is never at someone’s expense, is a key ingredient in success and happiness.

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