Consider this like a gym membership, but for your language skills. 

Don't worry no sneakers needed!

All your equipment is here, and you will discover a skill building program perfect for you to develop all your German language muscles:

  • speaking
  • reading
  • listening
  • writing
  • pronunciation
  • cultural understanding

What makes this German learning school better and different than most other online German programs, is that the curriculum here is created by a German instructor with a doctoral degree in second language acquisition and more than 25 years of teaching experience. That's me, Dr. Bogard, and you can think of me as your coach, and someone who truly cares about you achieving your German goals. Although all my courses are self-paced independent learning experiences, I cap the online enrollment at 150 to make it possible for me to also offer personalized support and individual guidance.

You can find me here in our German training gym everyday, so feel free to ask me a question about the German language, the German people and their customs. You are welcome to share your experience and make new friends here. This time-tested program is for people who really want, or absolutely need, to learn German. You just need to bring your motivation, and I'll bring the tools to help you realize your particular goal.

Watch the video below to see me in my coaching role...

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Right now you can lock in the best value and premium support.

New courses under development and new lessons are being added every week. Take advantage of the great value of having access to the entire school for as long as you like.When you begin your membership today, you lock in this price for the duration of your membership!

Right now, for less than $3 a day, you gain access to a platinum level of service and many tested German courses that have been hand-crafted with the highest level of German teaching expertise that spans almost 3 decades. 93% of my students have passed their international German language exams! 

I'm sure you will also appreciate having professional access to me online.

And when your muscles get tired, grab a water and take a break in our private Facebook group.

A Smorgasbord of Courses and Experiences

If you have always wanted to tour Germany and see some of the best Germany has to offer, I invite you to join us on a spring-time 9 day trip to Berlin, Heidelberg and Munich with a night in the Harz mountains. If you have time in the summer, join me and your classmates as we travel for 10 days through Austria, Germany and Switzerland. 

If you want to develop your German skills, and you can bring your best motivation to this arena, I invite you to join me and your fellow Time To Learn German classmates at the TTLG Gym. We are happy to be here learning German together, and we think you will be too.

This is your membership, and you decide when you are finished. It can be cancelled at any time by you, without any penalties or fees, so why not join now? 

Instructor Credentials

Easy to Start. 24 Hour Access.

Please click on any and all courses in the academy catalog to discover the diverse and ever-growing collection of university quality instruction available at the Time To Learn German Academy. There are more than 20 different offerings, and you can try them all, pick a few smaller courses, or take on a full semester course specific to your needs. All details and syllabi are posted on the individual course pages.

Head over to the main page now to see all the training programs available to you when you are here with us- and keep in mind that it's all yours for one monthly fee, and you can stop when you want.

Still have questions? 

Send an email to and we'll help you get the answers you need so you can start making progress with your German skills right now.