Course Description

The "Working World" is a daily topic for people around the globe. Almost every adult spends many decades of their lifetime working. Some people go to college, some go to business or trade schools, some choose jobs that only require on-the-job-training.  In this unit you will learn a lot about the culture surrounding careers and jobs in Germany, as well as some fascinating economic facts.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    OBJECTIVE = Develop German Skills in the Context of "die Arbeitswelt" (the Working World). Work your way from top to bottom on this page.

    • Course Description

    • Video: Let's Start With a History Lesson!

    • Video: Reunification Also Has It's Lingering Negative Effects

    • Article: Germany's Regional Pay Scales

    • Infoblatt Assignment

    • Your Assignment Schedule = 9 Week Work Plan

    • Quizlet = Homework Every Day (Find Assigned Chapters in Vocab Section Below)

  • 2

    CULTURE PROJECT: Written Assignment

    • Culture Summary Sheet- Print & Complete (Due at the End of Work Week 1)

  • 3

    CULTURE: Introduction to the Working World in Germany

    • Video: How Does the German Economy Compare to the Economy in the United States?

    • Video: Documentary About How Germany Became the EU's Richest Country

    • Video: Work-Life Balance in Germany

    • Video: Differences Between a German Work Place and an American Work Office

    • Read this Article About the German Business Etiquette

    • Read these Quora Articles About Salary Differences and Cost of Living Differences in Germany and the US

    • Read this Blog Post About Working in Germany

    • Infoblatt- die Arbeitswelt

    • Neue Begriffe am Arbeitsplatz

  • 4


    • How to Write a German Email

    • Writing Assignment- Due By the End of This Week

  • 5

    VOCABULARY: Money In Big Numbers

    • Would You Translate This News Story's German Headline Correctly?

    • Video: How To Say and Write BIG Numbers in German

    • Video: How To Say And Write BIG Numbers in German

    • Video: How To Say And Write BIG Numbers in German

  • 6

    CULTURE: Choosing a Trade

    • Video #1: Job Training in Germany versus America

    • Video #2: Dual Vocational Training - Germany's Successful System

    • Video #3: Dual Training Programs in Germany - Getting a Successful Career Start

    • Video #4: Dual VET - Vocational Education and Training in Germany

    • Video #5: Apprenticeships in Germany

    • Video #6: Come Explore An Unusual Career Choice (auf deutsch)

    • Video #7: Documentary Part 1- A Day In The Life Of An Apprentice in Berlin (auf deutsch)

    • Video #8: Documentary Part 2- A Day In The Life Of An Apprentice in Berlin (auf deutsch)

  • 7

    CULTURE: Deutsche Welle: "Profis Gesucht" Watch all videos posted below and do the included exercises at the end of each clip. Record scores on sheet.)

    • Table of Contents- Links to All Videos and Comprehension Tests

  • 8

    Beruf: Krankenpfleger (CNA: Certified Nursing Assistant)

    • Assignment Sheet with Instructions and Links (Print document, staple and submit all completed packets)

  • 9

    Beruf: Anlagenmechaniker (HVAC Technician: heating, ventilation, and air conditioning plus refrigeration)

    • Assignment Sheet with Instructions and Links

  • 10

    Beruf: Restaurant Fachmann (Restaurant/Hospitality Manager)

    • Assignment Sheet with Instructions and Links

  • 11

    Beruf: Verkäufer (Salesman, Store Associate)

    • Assignment Sheet with Instructions and Links

  • 12

    Beruf: Gebäudereiniger (Commercial Building Cleaner)

    • Assignment Sheet with Instructons and Links

  • 13

    CULTURE: For Advanced Students: Goethe Institut's "Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz" (use what you learn here in your oral script and essay)

    • Student Guide for "Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz"

  • 14

    VOCABULARY: Spell and Memorize the Assigned Words

    • Daily Flashcard Assignment (with Leitner Game Instructions)

    • Video: How to Build the Leitner Study System

    • Video: How To Run A Leitner Study Session = First 10 Minutes Of Every German Work Period

    • Instruction Sheet: How to Create and Play The Leitner Flashcard Game

    • Blank Leitner Schedule

  • 15

    Advanced Vocabulary

    • Print This List Then Translate These German Job Application and Interview Words

  • 16

    READING: Take this Practice Text-Handling Test (closed book, no resources)

    • Test Prompt

    • Text-Handling Test for "die Arbeitswelt" (30 minute timed test- show to teacher when finished)

    • Text-handling Wrap-up Project (can also be done as a warm-up activity, if new to German language studies)

  • 17

    WRITING: Part 1 = Study Your Text Type Features BEFORE the Timed Writing Day

    • Overview of the TTLG German Essay Writing Process

    • The Most Popular Exam Text Types

    • 23 Text Types: Study The Features and Put At Least 5 In Your Writing Assignment and Exam Paper

  • 18

    WRITING: Part 2 = Timed Writing

    • IB Writing Prompts for "die Arbeitswelt"

    • Alternative (non-IB formatted) Writing Prompts for "die Arbeitswelt"

  • 19

    WRITING: Part 3 = Improve your First Draft- DOUBLE SPACE IT! Using an Online Dictionary is Fine, but Do Not Use Any Translation Sites Yet.

    • How to Fix Your First Draft- Checklist

    • Add 6 Cohesive Words- Usually Need Inverted Word Order After Each

    • Add a Few Satzanfänge und Konnektoren

    • Add Some Authentic German Phrases

    • You Must Add at Least One German Idiom

    • Video: Photo Gallery Of Some of The Most Popular German Idioms

    • Move Up the Skill Ladder - Add some of these higher level structures

  • 20

    WRITING: Part 4 = Color Code and Label Each Word In Your Improved Draft. Staple New Work On Top of Old. Submit Packet to Teacher For General Feedback

    • Photo: What a Color-Coded Sentence Might Look Like

    • How to Color Code and Label the Parts of Speech

    • Color Coding Grammar Tips

  • 21

    SPEAKING: Individual Oral

    • Oral Exam Instructions and Script = Your Template For The Best Oral Exam Ever

    • Create Your Individual Oral Photo Prompt

    • Handout: Phrases of Disagreement (This Can Stimulate Conversation)

    • Audio: Pronunciation Help

  • 22

    WRITING: Part 5 = Using Teacher Feedback from Color-Coded Copy Write A New Improved Draft- DOUBLE-SPACED. Do Not Use an Online Translation Site Yet.

    • Checklist of Most Common Errors- Use This To Improve Your Writing

  • 23

    GRAMMAR: Compete the Assigned Grammar Textbook Exercises

    • Grammar Textbook Pacing and Topics

  • 24

    WRITING: Part 6 = 1. Do the Inventory of Errors 2. Write Your Errors Report 3. Create the Final Best Version of Your Essay (Now You Can Use an Online Translation Tool) 4. Complete a Cover Sheet. Staple Everything & Submit to Your Teacher

    • Teacher Error Coding Sheets. Shows You Every Possible Grammar Mistake That Can Be Made in German.

    • Print this Inventory of Errors Document- Add a Tally Mark for Each Teacher Error Code

    • How to Create Your Errors Report

    • Excellent Example of an Errors Report- Yours Can Even Be Better :)

    • Rubric For Evaluating Your Final Essay (IB HL)

    • Print and Complete This Writing Project Cover Sheet- Staple to the Top of Your Writing Packet

    • Label Your Final Paper With Format Features & Grammar Codes Using This Grammar Structure Checklist

  • 25

    LISTENING: Complete the Assigned "Schlager" Listening Project (=Separate Course on Your Dashboard)

    • List of Listening Projects- Only Do the 1 Assigned Project

  • 26

    Schedule Your 10 Minute Oral Exam With Your Teacher. Practice with a Partner Using Your Script and Question Sheet Until Then.

    • Learn About the IB Oral Exam Happening in March of Your Senior Year

    • Conversation Questions for "die Arbeitswelt"

    • Sample Answers to the Conversation Questions

  • 27

    TEXT-HANDLING: Develop Your Reading Strategies

    • NOTE: This Activity Requires You To Have Access To An Old IB Text-Handling Exam

    • Part 1 = Read This Project Instruction Sheet

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