Course curriculum

  • 1

    American Youtubers Living In Germany

    • Youtuber Nalf (US Football Player Living & Playing American Football In Germany) "Driving In Germany vs. USA"

    • Youtuber Dana From Wanted Adventures "7 Things You Don't Do In Germany"

    • Youtuber Ryan Wass "Why I'm Not Moving Back To The US After Living In Germany"

    • Youtuber Feli From Germany: "5 Things Germans Do That Americans Find Weird"

    • Youtuber Kelly Presents Her German Apartment

  • 2

    Get To Know The Germans

    • 8 Great Things About Germany (Nalf)

    • How To Fit In With The Germans (Nalf)

    • The Paradox Of German Efficiency

    • 10 Things That Probably Only Germans Do

  • 3

    Why Learn German (= Motivation To Keep Up With Daily Practice)

    • 11 Reasons Why You Should Learn German Now

  • 4

    German Vocabulary Learning Games

    • All Of Frau Doktor Bogard's Quizlets = Every German Word Organized By Theme/Topic

    • Learn German Vocabulary With Memrise

    • Learn Vocab By Theme

    • Make Your Own German Art With Vocabulary Words

    • Play The "Der Die Das" Gender Game (An App)

  • 5

    Improve Your Listening Skill

    • Try This Listening Game With German Music Videos

  • 6

    Online German Lessons

    • Best Video Program For Beginners: "Easy German"

    • Check Out Various Topics On "GermanPod101"

    • Beginner Grammar Lessons At "Deutsch-Lernen"

    • Try Grammar Lessons At "German.Net"

    • Master German Verb Conjugations With This Serious Game

  • 7

    Take An Up-Close Look At Places in Germany

    • Profile Of Germany

    • Walk Around A Typical Small German Town (This Is Gernsbach in the Black Forest)

    • Walk Around A Typical Small City In Germany (This Is The City Of Baden-Baden)

    • Walk Around One Of The Biggest Cities In Germany: Berlin

    • Enjoy The View From A Live Webcam At A Hotel In The Alps

    • Explore German Castles Like This One...

    • Learn The Names & Locations Of The 16 German States With This Online Game

    • Lean Something Interesting About Each Of The 16 German States

    • Learn To Recognize The 16 German State Flags

    • Learn The Names Of The German State Capitals

    • Learn The Names & Locations Of Some Major German Cities

    • Learn The Names & Locations Of The Major Rivers & Lakes In Germany

    • Learn The Names And Locations Of Germany's Bordering Countries

    • Take A Relaxing Drone Tour Of Germany

    • Visit Germany Virtually- Go Sightseeing With Rick Steves (It's Easier & Cheaper Than Going Yourself)

    • Germans Love Their Winter Activities

  • 8

    What Can You Do When You Are In Germany (Besides Sightseeing)?

    • Participate In An Epic 5-Day LARP Event

    • Explore Castles (Free!)

    • Go To The Local Public Outdoor Pool In The Summer

    • Have Fun When It's Cold At The Town's Local Indoor Pool

    • The German Love Of Fish Sandwiches

  • 9

    Beautiful Places In Austria (Österreich)

    • The Most Beautiful Outdoor Places In Austria

    • Look At The Beautiful City Of Salzburg

    • Take A Quick Look At Downtown Wien (Called Vienna in English)

    • Why Might You Choose To Live In Wien

  • 10

    The Charm Of Switzerland

    • Luzern Is A Popular Small Swiss City

    • Come Look At The Swiss Capital: Bern

    • Zürich Is The Largest Swiss City & Their Finance Capital

    • Look At The Swiss Alps

    • Drone Tour Of Switzerland

  • 11

    Don't Forget About The Tiny Country Of Liechtenstein

    • A Quick Tour Of This Country That Also Speaks German

  • 12

    You Can Also Use Your German In The Small Country Of Luxembourg

    • Enjoy This Quick Tour Through The Nicest Places In Luxembourg

    • There Are Actually 17 Places Around The Globe Where You Can Speak German With The Locals

  • 13

    German Bands

    • List Of German Bands (Links Only Work f You Create An Amzon Account)

    • Apache 207

    • Tokio Hotel

    • Clueso

    • Rammstein

  • 14

    German Food

    • 10 Must-Eat Foods When In Germany

    • Favorite German Comfort Foods

    • List Of Local German Restaurants

    • German Menus From Local Estabishments

    • Simple Recipe For Making Schnitzel (Should Be Served With Fries & Mayo For Dipping)

    • Cook This Popular German Dish With Your Family Or Friends

  • 15

    German History

    • History Of Germany In 5 Minutes

    • The Rise And Fall Of The Berlin Wall

    • Why Didn't Germans Just Go Around The Berlin Wall?

    • Do Germans Talk About World War Two?

    • Origin Of The Germanic Tribes

  • 16


    • Compound Noun Sign

  • 17

    Transportation In Germany

    • Take A Look At The New Intercity Express Train (ICE) "3neo"

    • Everyone Uses Public Transportation- Here's How (auf Englisch)

    • How To Buy & Use A Public Transportation Ticket In Germany (auf Deutsch)