Course Description

How to Teach Yourself a Foreign Language
This is a complete video manual with step-by-step instructions to show you how to create your own study program. Discover how to develop all language skills (reading, writing, listening, grammar, pronunciation, culture and speaking) in any world language, without being in a classroom, in 4 months or less.
Find out which learning materials to choose (or how create your own), which activities will give you the best results, in which order you should develop your skills, how to make the most of your time with a teacher or tutor, how to participate in free online learning communities using partner activities, and how to enlist strangers around you to accelerate your learning progress.
Have the freedom to choose your practice sessions
Making your own schedule lets you meet all your other daily responsibilities. If you have a full-time job, a family to take care of, a rigorous school schedule or anything else that takes up most of your free time, you will be happy to find out that you still have time to learn a new language; and you can decide where and when to make your learning happen.
Move at your own pace
Are you in a hurry to have command of a specific language? Then you can move through your program very fast by increasing the time you spend on each practice session. For example, if you want the fastest results choose either one long practice session each day, or three shorter ones. Do you have plenty of time? Then one shorter daily session will work just as well.
Why reinvent the wheel?
The system explained to you in this program points out the tested techniques and methods, which are common to many successful language learners, who are now skilled in many different languages. The instructor has also tested them in her own classroom with excellent results and student satisfaction.
Develop a full skill set
When we learn our first language we overlap skills during our practice. You are likely listening and speaking almost at the same time. Or reading aloud with correct pronunciation, while learning new vocabulary. This course encourages you to create your own independent learning system addressing all skills, including pronunciation, listening, vocabulary, reading, grammar, writing, speaking, and cultural understanding.
Dr. Bogard has over 20 years of experience teaching foreign language students one-on-one in her physical classroom. Her students pass international exams, continue their foreign language studies in college, and can use their skills to qualify for special programs, job opportunities, and to travel abroad. She has also earned her doctoral degree in Second Language Acquisition and Instructional Technology, and attends national conferences to stay current in the latest foreign language teaching methods and developments.
Bonus #1
At the end of the course, the author gives the entire ebook to download!
Bonus #2
The author gives you a model syllabus outlining every step of your complete program making making it possible for you to use as a template.


This Faster Fluency video course, along with the eBook bonus and the complimentary syllabus, also includes the secret Facebook group for Faster Fluency Fans.

If you would like to be a member of the Faster Fluency Secret Facebook Group for Q&A discussions with Eva Bogard and friendly community support, please learn more about how to take advantage of this opportunity by clicking on the link below:

About the Author
Dr. Eva Bogard has personally guided thousands of students in her physical classroom to acquire and improve their foreign language skills. She feels strongly about the importance of showing others how to be independent lifetime learners. With this goal in mind, she carefully designs very detailed step-by-step lessons leading students along a specific learning path that allows them to develop a complete skill set on the way to reaching their learning objective. Now she has done the same for you, her “Faster Fluency” student. Scroll down and enroll the Time To Learn German Academy today.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Video: How to Learn Correct Pronunciation

  • 3


    • Video: How to Develop Your Listening Skills

  • 4


    • Video: Which Vocabulary Technique is Best?

    • Video: Play the Leitner Flashcard Game

    • Download: The Leitner Flashcard Game Instruction Sheet with Schedule Calendar

  • 5


    • Video: How to Develop Reading Skills

  • 6


    • Video: What to Do About Learning Grammar

  • 7


    • Video: There's Lots of Help For Developing Your Writing Skills

  • 8


    • Video: Going Online

    • Video: "SharedTalk" is now "LiveMocha"

    • Video: Speaking with Strangers

  • 9

    For Example

    • Video: Sample Syllabus

  • 10

    Bonus Area

    • Faster Fluency Audio Recording

    • Faster Fluency Complete Manual

State Certified German Teacher For 30 Years

Dr. Bogard

The owner and creator of the Time To Learn German website is Eva Bogard, Ph.D. She was born in Manhattan (NYC) to a German mother and a German-American father. She earned her bachelor's degree in foreign languages at snowy SUNY-Oswego and completed her graduate studies in Second Language Education and Instructional Technology at sunny USF-Tampa, where she earned her Master's and Doctorate degrees. She has spent several colorful summers in France enjoying the language and culture in Paris, St. Malo and Tours, but is usually found during her long summer breaks on the beach in Florida, or in the mountains of southwest Germany. Professionally, she is very interested in online hybrid education, especially using instructional technology in both her classroom and online courses to teach foreign languages. Eva is an International Baccalaureate teacher, and a Montessori education enthusiast. She has taught German, French and Spanish, as well as, Information Technology and Business Management over the last 30 years.

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