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This course highlights all the most important  German holidays. Use the information as  content for German conversations, writing tasks and oral exams.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Objective = Develop German Culture Knowledge (Use What You Learn As The Content Of Your Written Exams).

    • Customs And Traditions Are Linked To German Legal Holidays (Calendar)

    • The Best Website For Monthly German Holidays, Festivals & Culture

  • 2

    August Culture: Insights Into Everyday Life In Deutschland

    • Supermarket Meat Is Labeled According To Animal Welfare

  • 3

    September Culture

    • Video: Last Week Of September Through First Week Of October = Oktoberfest

  • 4

    September Feiertag in Bayern: Bavarian Oktoberfest-The World's Largest Folk Festival

    • Video: History of the Oktoberfest

    • Listening Comprehension Quiz: History of the Oktoberfest

    • Video: An American Explains the Oktoberfest

    • Video: Come Take a Tour of the Oktoberfest

    • Video: History of the Biergarten

    • Video: Learn How to Do the Schuhplattler Dance

    • Video: Learn German Oktoberfest Vocabulary

    • The Oktoberfest "Fairgrounds" & Lebkuchenherzen

  • 5

    September/Oktober Feiertag in Bayern: Traditional Oktoberfest Songs

    • Video: The Easiest Oktoberfest Song to Learn

    • Video: Learn to Sing and Dance this German Party Song

    • Video: The Most Famous Oktoberfest Song- Sung By Two Famous Singers From German Schlager History

    • Video: Learn the Lyrics to the REFRAIN of this Oktoberfest Song So You Can Join in the Fun

    • Video Testimonial: An American Tells You How Important It Is To Learn German Party Songs

    • Video: This Bavarian Band is Reviving the Bavarian Dialect

    • List of Links: Learn to Sing this Bavarian Party Song

  • 6

    October Culture

    • Video: October 6th is German Unity Day (6min)

    • Photo Guide of The Berlin Wall = die Berliner Mauer

    • History of the Berlin Wall (p2- 6min)

    • Escape (p5- 9min)

    • Walled In (p6- 10min)

    • The Crossing At Bornholmer Strasse (p8- 9min)

    • Traces Of The Wall (p8- 6min)

    • Video: Why Halloween is Not Popular in Deutschland (explained from an American's perspective)

    • Video: The Difference Between Halloween in the USA and in Germany (explained from A German's perspective)

    • Spiel: Halloween Lotto (Need Copies Of Game Cards In Advance)

  • 7

    November Culture

    • November 1st Is All Saints Day

    • Tombstone Activity

    • Tombstone Worksheet (Fill In During "Graveyard Walk")

    • Geography: The Northern Lights

    • November 12 = Internationaler Zungenbrecher Tag

    • Bilingual Explanation of St. Martinstag

    • Here Is What A St. Martinstag Celebration Looks Like

    • Laterne Basteln (Template)

    • Finshed Samples

    • Event Idea

  • 8

    December Culture: Weihnachten (Germany Shuts Down For The 2 Christmas Days)

    • How to Wish Germans a Merry Christmas

    • Video: It All Starts With the Advent Wreath

    • Video: What Makes Christmas Time In Germany So Special?

    • Video: An Overview Of Christmas Traditions In Germany (English)

    • Video: Come Meet the Christkind! She Explains Her Role in English.

    • Video: The Christkind Speech That Opens the Christmas Season Each Year

    • Open A Door Each Day (Adventskalendar from the AATG)

    • Video: The Famous German Gingerbread Cookie + das größte Lebkuchenhaus (30 minutes all in German)

    • Video: Spend a Minute at the Christmas Market in Nürnberg

    • Video: Get an English-speaking Tour of a German Christmas Market!

    • Video: A Drive-Through Christkindlmarkt During Covid19

    • Video: Look at the Real Lights on this German Christmas Tree (First 10 Seconds)

    • Video: Christmas Tree Safety (in German)

    • Video: German Christmas Tree Humor

    • Video: How To Create A German Christmas Atmosphere In Your Place

    • Video: Learn the German Word "Bescherung" As You Watch It Happen in a German House

    • Assignment: The Most Famous Classical German Christmas Poem

    • Video: Pronunciation Help for the Christmas Poem Assignment

    • Listen to this Poem as a Heavy Metal Song

    • Video: Wer Sind Denn Alle Diese Weihnachtsfiguren? (auf deutsch)

    • Video: Sankt Nikolaus versus der Weihnachtsmann (for advanced students)

    • Video: die Sternsinger am Dreikönigstag

    • Video: Explanation in German of the Three Kings (die Drei Könige )

    • Article: How Do Muslims In Germany Celebrate The Christmas Season?

    • Video: Schneeflocken basteln

    • Make Your Own Schneeflocken Using Templates

  • 9

    Dezember Feiertag: Sankt Nikolaustag (December 6th, but the festivities begin on the evening of the 5th)

    • 5. Dezember: Heute Ist Sankt Nikolaustag

    • What is Saint Nikolaus Day?

    • Video: See Sankt Nikolaus and Knecht Ruprecht Walk Through a German Department Store

    • Video: Who is Krampus?

    • Video: Jimmy Fallen Discusses Krampus

    • Elf On A Shelf

    • Video: Krampus in Osttirol

    • Video: Brave Girl Plays Her Recorder At A Home Visit

    • Video: Krampus Day at School

    • Video: A Home Visit from Sankt Nikolaus and His Servant

    • Video: Watch Some Younger Children Get a Visit

    • German PP Sankt Nikolaus

    • Ich wünsche dir einen schön Nikolaustag!

    • Film: A Heidelberg Holiday

  • 10

    Dezember Feiertag: Silvester (New Year's Eve = games, punch, food, movie, speech, toasting, finally fireworks)

    • 7 Things You Need For A German New Year's Celebration

    • Video: The Most Traditional German New Year's Eve Game

    • Video: Recipe for the Most Famous Holiday Beverage

    • Video: The Most Traditional New Year's Eve Meal (10 minutes in German)

    • The Traditional New Year's Eve Film That Every German Watches

    • Video: New Year's Eve Political Speech

    • Video: Yes, Germans Also Toast To the New Year With Champagne

    • Learn How to Wish Someone a Happy New Year in German

    • Video: Silvester Fireworks at the Brandenburger Tor

    • Video: The World's Most Famous Classical Concert is Broadcast from Wien on New Year's Day

  • 11

    January Culture

    • Frohes Neujahr! Activity

    • Third Monday Of January is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    • 33 Religious Affliations

    • The Movie

  • 12

    Februar Feiertag: Fasching/Karneval (like Mardi Gras in New Orleans)

    • Video: What is Lent?

    • Video: The Origins of Karneval Explained in German (1 minute)

    • Alaaf und Helau!

    • Video: The 5 Day Street Party Begins with "Weiberfastnacht"

    • Video: Come Visit the Three Major Cities for Fasching and Karneval Celebrations

    • Video: The Most Important Karneval Treat is the "Faschingskrapfen"

    • Video: An American Teenager Living in Germany Explains Fasching

    • Video: The Traditional Karneval and Fasching's Speeches

    • Video: Rosenmontag, "Kamelle Kamelle" and the Greeting of the Day

    • Leap Year = Schaltjahr (2024, 2028, 2032, etc.)

  • 13

    March Culture

    • March 17th- Let's Learn About Lucky Charms In Deutschland (auf Deutsch but with English Subtitles)

    • March 17th: Glücksbringer (nur auf Deutsch)

    • Basteln: Easy Fliegenpiltz (Only requires white paper and a red pen/pencil)

    • Basteln: Easy Origami 4 Leaf Clover (Only requires green paper)

    • Basteln: Origami Marienkäfer (Only requires red paper)

    • Basteln: Origami Schweinkopf (Only requires pink paper)

    • Basteln: Origami Horseshoe (Requires silver paper or silver sharpie or tin foil) Remember To Keep It Facing Up!

    • Advanced Basteln: 2-Piece Origami Glücksschwein (Only requires pink paper)

    • Advanced Basteln: Full Body Origami Schwein (Only requires pink paper)

    • Advanced Basteln: Origami Kleeblatt (Only requires green paper)

  • 14

    April Culture

    • Easter Monday = Georgiritt

    • Ostermontag = Georgi Ritt Traunstein Schwertertanz

    • Ostermontag = Pferde Werden Gesegnet Beim Georgiritt in Traunstein

    • The 3rd Monday of April = Böögg

    • Video: Böögg

    • April 23 = Day Of Beer

    • April 30 = Walpurgisnacht

    • Video: Walpurgisnacht Hexen Tanz

  • 15

    May Culture

    • May 21st: Albrecht Dürer born in Nuremberg

    • Dürer’s Self-portrait At Munich’s Alte Pinakothek

  • 16

    Regional Events- Rhein Wine Festivals, Leipzig Book Fair, Berlin Film Festival, Village Fests (ex. Dampfnudelfest)

    • Read: Dampfnudelfest

    • Foto: Regional Foods Map (click double-arrow in top right corner to rotate image clockwise)

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