Course Description

Many students around the world are working on their International Baccalaureate diploma. This rigorous IB secondary program includes learning a world language, such as German.

We suggest students acquire a 4000 word German reading and spelling vocabulary bank to earn the highest score on the written and oral components of the DP exams.

This course presents all the vocabulary lists, practice activities and quizzes for all the required IB Language B SL and HL syllabus topics.

Even if you are not an IB student, this is the best course for building the most comprehensive vocabulary skills.

Start learning today and enjoy the thrill of being able to access just the right words when you are speaking, writing or listening to German.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Core and Optional IB Themes for World Language Students. Be able to read, write and discuss these topics.

    • Course Description

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Leisure

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Customs & Traditions

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Cultural Diversity

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Environmental Issues & Technology

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Media & Communication

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Social Relationships

    • Topics List: Quarter Theme Health Issues

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Economics & Government

    • Topics List. Quarter Theme Education & Law

  • 2

    Build a Leitner Flashcard Study System

    • Video: Step by Step Instructions

    • Handout: Step-by-Step Instructions

    • Handout: Blank Record Sheet

    • Flashcard Schedule by Theme

  • 3

    The Daily 5 Notebook

    • The Daily 5 Worksheet (You can also copy this table into your notebook)

  • 4

    Leisure Vocabulary for Beginners

    • Quizlet Link for Beginner Leisure Vocabulary

  • 5

    Leisure Vocabulary for Advanced Students

    • Quizlet Link to Advanced Leisure Vocabulary

  • 6

    Media Vocabulary for Beginners

    • Quizlet Link to Beginner Media Vocabulary

  • 7

    Media Vocabulary for Advanced Students

    • Quizlet Link to Advanced Media Vocabulary

  • 8

    Economics and Government Vocabulary for Beginners

    • Quizlet Link to Beginner Economics and Government Vocabulary

    • Chapter 4.4 Professions Flashcards

    • Chapter 6.1 General Business Flashcards

    • Chapter 6.2 Stores and Shopping Flashcards

    • Chapter 6.3 Money and Property Flashcards

    • Chapter 6.4 Work Flashcards

    • Chapter 6.6 Authorities, Police Flashcards

    • Chapter 6.7 Law Flashcards

    • Chapter 8.1 Government and Politics Flashcards

    • Chapter 15.1 Concepts of Quantity Flashcards

    • Chapter 15.3 Measurements and Weights Flashcards

    • Chapter 16.1 Order, Division Flashcards

    • Chapter 20 Cause and Effect Flashcards

  • 9

    Economics and Government Vocabulary for Advanced Students

    • Quizlet Link to Advanced Econ & Gov't Vocab

    • Chapter 4.4 Berufe Flashcards

    • Chapter 6.7 Rechtswesen Flashcards

  • 10


    • The Vocabulary Textbook and Workbook We Use

    • Assigned Chapters For Each Quarter (9-12 grades) & Leitner Game Instructions

  • 11

    Vocabulary Games & Fun Activities

    • Instruction Sheet For Word Art Assignment

    • Video: Word Art Tutorial

State Certified German Teacher For 30 Years

Dr. Bogard

The owner and creator of the Time To Learn German website is Eva Bogard, Ph.D. She was born in Manhattan (NYC) to a German mother and a German-American father. She earned her bachelor's degree in foreign languages at snowy SUNY-Oswego and completed her graduate studies in Second Language Education and Instructional Technology at sunny USF-Tampa, where she earned her Master's and Doctorate degrees. She has spent several colorful summers in France enjoying the language and culture in Paris, St. Malo and Tours, but is usually found during her long summer breaks on the beach in Florida, or in the mountains of southwest Germany. Professionally, she is very interested in online hybrid education, especially using instructional technology in both her classroom and online courses to teach foreign languages. Eva is an International Baccalaureate teacher, and a Montessori education enthusiast. She has taught German, French and Spanish, as well as, Information Technology and Business Management over the last 30 years.

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