Course curriculum

  • 1

    Herzlich willkommen!

    • Please Check Now That Your Phone Is In Your Bag

    • Supply List - Please Get Everything ASAP & Leave It All In Your Binder In The German Classroom

    • Weather Conversations Are Very Popular Among Germans

    • Q2 Greetings

    • Q3 Greetings

    • Q4 Invitations

    • My Story

    • READ: German Class Rules

    • Was gefällt dir besser? (Helps Us Learn Everyone's Name & Let's Us See What We Have In Common)

    • List Of Assigned Laptops For 2023-2024

    • Handout: Wie findest du das Wetter?

    • Who Is Who At RHS & Can Help You? Watch This Video. ('23-'24)

    • Visual: Here Is What We Are Doing In Class Every Week

  • 2

    Nicos Weg Vocabulary Tests & Grammar Quizzes

    • Period 7 TEST: German Regular Verb Conjugations With Café (Planned For March 19th)

  • 3

    Welcome! Let's Focus On Listening To Lots Of Spoken German

    • WELCOME!

    • WATCH: "How To Learn German By Listening"

    • Overview Of What You Are Doing With Each Video: German Work Cycle

    • LOOK: Here Are The 5 Assignments. Complete At Least One Each Day!

    • Daily Checklist- Keep This On Your Desk During Class

    • Lesson Objectives & The Florida World Language Standards

    • Help A Friend Create A New Account On TTLG

    • Open House Presentation (2022-2023)

    • RAM NEWS: Take A Couple Minutes To Hear What's Going On At RHS

  • 4

    Accountability: 40 mins in class + 30 mins at home = Success

    • WATCH: You Can't Learn German With Just 15 Minutes Of Work Per Day

    • LOOK: Visual Work Cycle For Each Video Episode

    • READ: How To Earn An A In German Every Quarter

    • ON YOUR DESK: Use This Checklist Every Day To Make Progress & Stay On Task & Learn

    • LOOK: Be Prepared For Random Spot Checks During The Week To Show You Are Completing Assignments

    • ADVICE: Do Your Own Work

    • ADVICE: Finish Your Work Before Looking At The Answers

    • Assessments: The Teacher Takes Note Of Your Daily Effort & The Quality Of Your Work

    • GAME: Unit Review (= The Day After Finishing A5a & A5b For the Final Episode In A Unit)

    • WATCH: This Is How You Get Your Unit Graded. Be Sure To Staple All 4 Episode Assignments In Order For Each Unit BEFORE Scoring Day.

    • Scoring For Pre-IB

    • HANDOUT: Scoring Sheet For Episodes 1- 88: Put This On Your Desk On Scoring Day Along With Your Stapled Packet of Written Work, Your Spiral Notebook And Your Online Nicos Weg Stars

    • SEMESTER EXAM = Perform An Edited Episode From This Semester in STYLE (Style Sheet Is Posted Below)

    • EXAM Style Sheet- Translate Each Style So You Know What The Requirements Are

  • 5

    Let's Learn German By Creating Vocab Lists & Testing In Your SPIRAL 3-Hole Punched Notebook

    • LOOK: A Diagram Of The Spiral Notebook Assignments A3 & A5a

    • LOOK: How To Label Your Episodes in Your Spiral Notebook

    • LOOK: Sample Of Assignment 3 & Assignment 5a (In Your Spiral Vocabulary Notebook)

    • WATCH: Gold List Method- Watch This Quick Overview Video (BUY AN AWESOME LOOKING SPIRAL NOTEBOOK + 4 COLOR PENS)

    • CHECK: How Many Phrases Should I Look For In Each Episode?

    • READ: The Complete Gold List Method Guidebook

    • Optional Video: Meet The Inventor Of The Gold List Method: David James (Part 1)

    • Optional Video: Meet The Inventor Of The Gold List Method: David James (Part 2)

  • 6

    We Are Watching A German Soap Opera Called "Nicos Weg" (DO THIS WORK ON LOOSELEAF PAPER)

    • Nicos Weg Episode Numbers & Content

    • CLICK: Here Is The Link To The NICOS WEG Website With The Episodes & Exercises

    • PRINT: Keep This "Nicos Weg" Program Overview In Your Binder (Write Your Score In Each Box)

    • LOOK: The German Scripts For Each Episode Are Posted In Here (Use These To Correct Your A2 Translation Work)

    • PRINT: Your Grading Sheet - Turn In A Clip To Record Units 1 -7 Scores

    • Blookets

    • Lisa Says Hello To Riverview & Frau Doktor Bogard! (Danke Patrick Meyer Class Of 2025!)

    • Unit 1 Episode 1 Hallo! (Folge 1) -Complete

    • Unit 1 Episode 2 Kein Problem! (Folge 2)

    • Unit 1 Episode 3 Tschüss! (Folge 3)

    • Unit 1 Episode 4 Von A bis Z. (Folge 4)

    • Unit 2 Episode 1 Ich heiße Emma. (Folge 5)

    • Unit 2 Episode 2 Das ist Nico. (Folge 6)

    • Unit 2 Episode 3 Woher kommst du? (Folge 7)

    • Unit 2 Episode 4 Nico hat ein Problem. (Folge 8)

    • Unit 3 Episode 1 Zahlen von 1 bis 100 (Folge 9)

    • Unit 3 Episode 2 Wichtige Nummern (Folge 10)

    • Unit 3 Episode 3 Adressen (Folge 11) -Complete

    • Unit 3 Episode 4 Auf dem Amt (Folge 12)

    • Unit 4 Episode 1 Was machst du hier? (Folge 13)

    • Unit 4 Episode 2 Was trinkst du? (Folge 14)

    • Unit 4 Episode 3 Eine Pizza bitte (Folge 15)

    • Unit 4 Episode 4 Zahlen bitte (Folge 16)

    • Time To Work On Your Semester Exam- Instructions Are In The Fact Sheet Packet

  • 7

    Learn German By Listening To German

    • Optional Paid Resource: A Subscription (With Free Trial) To LINGOPIE

  • 8

    Daily Homework = 30 Minutes Of Passively Listening

    • LOOK: Your Daily Homework Assignment Instructions

    • LISTEN: The Most Useful German Words & Phrases While You Sleep Or Work Out Or Wait For Something

    • LISTEN: This Week's News In Slow German:

    • LISTEN: Play German Music In The Background

    • LOOK: A Review Of The Best German Podcasts:

    • LISTEN: A Famous Novel: "der kleine Prinz" (Audio Book)

    • LISTEN: Free Online German Audio Books

    • LOOK: Classmates' Recommended Homework Sites

    • TRY IT: Accelerated German Movie Homework

  • 9

    Practice Your Pronunciation Aloud From Day 1

    • LOOK: Correct Pronunciation Matters

    • READ: First, Just Listen To Lots Of German Being Spoken

    • WATCH: Find Out How German Letters Are Pronounced

    • WRITE: Put Pronunciation Codes Above Your German Words

    • WATCH: Understand The Process Of Learning Correct Pronunciation

    • WATCH: Tips For How To Sound Like A Native German Speaker

    • BE BRAVE: Do A "Read Aloud"

    • Advanced Speaking Practice Is Called "Shadowing"

  • 10

    Learn German By Motivating Yourself To Keep Learning

    • PLAY: Boost Your Motivation With Duolingo

    • Stay Motivated By Learning About German Culture ("Easy German" Video Links)

    • 7 Tips For How To Stick To Your Daily Learning System

    • 5 Ways To Keep Up Your Motivation To Practice

    • Have Fun Performing A German Dialog With A Classmate

    • How To Rekindle Your Love For Your Foreign Language

  • 11

    EXTRA: Learn German By Speaking

    • Easiest Way To Become A Speaker: The Interview Method (Instruction Sheet)

    • Video On How To Do The Interview Method

    • Here Is A Long List Of Interviews In German- Pick One & Do The Interview Activity Posted Above

    • Self Talk Overview

    • Find Speaking Partners On Phone Apps

    • Become A German Speaker By "Shadowing" (Walk & Talk Method)

    • Become A German Speaker By "Shadow Mimicking" (Listen & Repeat Method)

    • Use Your Teacher As A Speaking Partner

    • Go To The Local German Deli: Geiers Sausage Kitchen

    • Get Yourself A German Speaking Partner Outside Of School

    • Get A Tandem Partner

  • 12

    EXTRA: Learn German By Writing

    • Write Poetry To Learn German

    • Join The LangCorrect Community For Feedback On Your Writing

  • 13

    EXTRA: Learn German By Practicing Grammar

    • Watch Frau's Grammar Lesson Videos In The Grammar Course

    • Study German Grammar Rules In A Book

    • Grammar Practice Online (For Home Or On Assigned Grammar Days In Class)

    • How To Create An Account On CONJUGUEMOS To Master German Verb Conjugations

    • Blooket: Learn The Meaning Of These 85 Regular German Verbs

  • 14

    Do You Really Want To Become Fluent? Look At These Special German Programs Outside Of Florida.

    • The Middlebury Program In Vermont

    • Concordia University's German Language Village in Minnesota

    • Goethe Institute Summer Camps In Germany

    • AATG Summer Study Program In Germany: Live With A German Family & Go To A Local German High School

  • 15

    Dezember Basteln

    • How To Make a "Schneeflocke" - Version 1

    • How To Make a "Schneeflocke" - Version 2

  • 16


    • Schneeflocke A (Before Thanksgiving Break)

    • Schneeflocke B

    • Weihnachtsstern A (Before Christmas Break)

    • Weihnachtsstern B

    • How To Get A Square Folding Paper From Printer Paper

    • Blume A (Before Spring Break)

    • Blume B

    • Blume C

    • Danke Schön Karte (Last Week Of School)

    • What's The Best Goal For High School?

  • 17

    Semester Exams

    • Assignment: Work On Your Exam Script & Practice It Aloud To Memorize It

    • Midterm Semester Exam Instruction Sheet

    • Midterm Semester Exam Worksheet- Daily Assignments

    • Final Semester Exam: Speaking With "Style" Instructions

    • Final Semester Exam: Present Your Character Using One Of These Speaking Styles (Everyone On Your Team Must Choose A Different Style)

  • 18

    Pre-IB Sophomores Who Will Move Up To IB German Next School Year- Please Prepare Now

    • IB German Supply List - Labeled Supplies Are Due On Tuesday Of The First Week Of School & Get Checked Every Quarter

    • Come To The First Day Of School With Your Q1 Composition Notebook

    • IB German Work Plan- You Can Start With Taking Notes On The Week 1 Culture Posts

  • 19

    Random RHS Resources (Not German Related)

    • RAM NEWS: Take A Couple Minutes To Hear What's Going On At RHS

    • Mental Health Lesson: Citizenship & Volunteerism

    • Mental Health Lesson- Coping Strategies & Resiliency

    • Mental Health Lesson - Suicide Prevention (Period 7)

    • Mental Health Lesson: Gratitude, Grit and Grace (Period 8)

    • Mental Health Lesson: Overcoming Adversity, Awareness of Resources & Human Trafficking Prevention (Period 1)

    • Mental Health Lesson: Substance Abuse & Prevention (Period 2)

    • Mental Health: Conflict Resolution (Period 3)

    • Mental Health Lesson: Interagency Support (Period 4)

    • Solar Eclipse April 2024 Live Links (1:40pm = Total Eclipse In Texas)

    • OpenGate System= This Thursday, April 11, 2024