Course curriculum

  • 1

    No One Can Teach You A Foreign Language- You Have To Learn It Yourself

    • Welcome To Your New Polyglot Course! We Will Use German As The Sample Language.

    • Intro To Learning A New Language (TEDx)

    • Let's Try This New Way To Learn A Foreign Language!

    • This Is The Plan

    • How Polyglots Learn Many Different Languages All On Their Own

    • Choose Your Way Of Learning Your Target Language

    • The 4 Components Of Successful Language Learning

    • Here Is A Table Of Foreign Language Learning Activities (Using German As An Example)

    • You Have Advantages To Being In German Class At RHS

    • Here Is A Sample Learning Routine From An Independent Learner

    • Here Is A Very Detailed Step-By-Step Checklist That Shows How We Use This Method In The Classroom (Adapt For Independent Work)

  • 2

    Accountability: 30 mins in class + 30 mins at home (Mostly Listening & Reading, Which Leads To Vocabulary And Then Speaking)

    • You Can't Learn A New Language With Just 15 Minutes Of Work Per Day

    • Watch This: "How To Get Started With 30 Minutes Of Learning Your Target Language"

    • How To Read A Novel In Your Foreign Language

    • Video Tutorial: How To Learn With The Bidirectional Translation Method

  • 3

    Learn Your Target Language By Building A Vocabulary Learning System (No Studying & No Memorizing)

    • The Best Tips For Making New Vocabulary Stick In Your Long-term Memory

    • Goldlist Method- Watch This Quick Overview Video (BUY AN AWESOME LOOKING SPIRAL NOTEBOOK + 4 COLOR PENS)

    • Gold List Method- Complete Guidebook

    • Meet The Inventor Of The Gold List Method: David James (Part 1)

    • Meet The Inventor Of The Gold List Method: David James (Part 2)

  • 4

    Practice Your Pronunciation Aloud From Day 1

    • Correct Pronunciation Matters

    • First Just Listen To Lots Of Your Target Language Being Spoken

    • Find Out How Your Target Language Is Pronounced (Look It Up On Youtube)

    • Understand The Process Of Learning Correct Pronunciation

    • Label The Target Language Words In A Dialog/Script With These Notations (Find This Online Or Get It From A Teacher)

    • "Nicos Weg"- A Complete Movie (Level 1). Pick One Character At A Time & Imitate Their Speech Throughout The Entire Movie

    • How To Sound Like A Native German Speaker

  • 5

    Learn By LISTENING To Your Target Language

    • Instructions For Learning Your Target Language With A Song (German Spotify Playlists Are Also In Here)

    • Learn With A Music Video Game! Go To "Lyrics Training" And Guess The Words In The Songs (Intermediate Level Activity)

    • Learn On Duolingo (Possibly The Slowest Learning Method, But If You Enjoy It, Then Have Fun With It!)

    • How To Use Podcasts To Become A Fluent Speaker

    • Try Playing A Podcast To Build Your Vocabulary Using The Transcript Or Captions

    • Get A Subscription (Free Trial) To LINGOPIE With Authentic Target Language TV Shows & Movies (+ Learning Tools To Use During The Show)

    • How To Learn Any Language By Watching A TV Series- Complete Video Guide

    • How To Use Youtube To Learn A Foreign Language

    • Here Are The 5 Activities You Should Do With An Episode Or Movie Segment. (Includes A Suggested German Resource)

    • How To Switch Netflix To Play Movies N Your Target Language (Watch With Target Language Subtitles On)

    • Watch Netflix On Chrome With The Language Reactor Extension Installed (= Double Subtitles+Transcripts+Definitions+Export Subtitles)

    • Instructions For How To Install And Use The "Language Reactor" Chrome Extension

  • 6

    German Video Sources For Creating Your DIY Learning Program

    • Try This "Super Easy German" Youtube Channel

    • BookBox: Enjoy These Animated German Children's Stories With Subtitles & German Audio

    • How To Accelerate Your Learning With "Erste Wege In Deutschland" (German Mini-Series)

    • Watch the Video Series: "Jojo Sucht das Glück"

    • Handout For The German Video Series: "Jojo Sucht das Glück"

    • Watch the "EXTRA" German TV Series On Youtube (Has German & Auto-generated English Subtitles)

    • Watch & Listen To "Muzzy"- An Easy German Animated Story For Beginners

    • Try The Drama Series From "Deutsch Lernen" (Contains Many Short TV Episodes)

    • Pimsleur German Lesson 1

    • Watch A German Series (B2 Level) Called "Ticket Nach Berlin"

    • Watch These Illustrated Personal German Stories- Purchase A Subscription To Get The English Transcripts

    • List Of Best German TV Series On Netflix & Amazon Prime ( Get Parental Permission First- This Is An Optional Source Of Learning

  • 7

    Collection Of German Audio Stories Or Dialogs To Work With (You Can Find These Online For Many Languages)

    • Here Is A Perfect Source Of German Podcasts

    • German Video Story: Henry Hühnchen (Video, Audio, Subtitles, Bilingual Text)

    • German Video Story: Herr Vogel und Frau Wal (Video, Audio, Subtitles, Bilingual Text)

    • Instructions For Working With A German Audio Story & Text

    • German Audio Story With Text & Pictures: "Die Drei Kleinen Schweinchen"

    • German Audio Story With Text & Pictures: "Rotkäppchen"

    • German Audio Story With Text & Pictures: "Goldlöckchen Und Die Drei Bären"

    • German Video Story: Paradi Inclusioni (German Video w/English Subtitles + Both Texts)

    • Learn By Doing Bidirectional Translating (More Advanced For Serious Learners)

    • Try A Novel: "der kleine Prinz" (with audio)

    • Free Online German Audio Books (Advanced Work)

    • Consider Purchasing An Online Subscription To "LingQ" (Advanced Learners)

    • Get Your Favorite Novel In German With German Audio. Then Read & Listen For 20 Minutes Every Day

  • 8

    Learn By Actually Speaking Aloud

    • Easiest Way To Become A Speaker: The Interview Method (Instruction Sheet)

    • Video On How To Do The Interview Method

    • Here Is A Long List Of Interviews In German- Pick One & Do The Interview Activity Posted Above

    • Self Talk Overview

    • Find Speaking Partners On Phone Apps

    • Become A Target Language Speaker By "Shadowing" (Walk & Talk Method)

    • Become A Target Language Speaker By "Shadow Mimicking" (Listen & Repeat Method)

    • Use Your Teacher As A Speaking Partner

    • Go To The Local Target Language Shop Or Deli (Sarasota Has "Geiers Sausage Kitchen" For German Learners)

    • Get Yourself A Target Language Speaking Partner Outside Of School

    • Get A Tandem Partner

  • 9

    Learn Your New Language By Writing

    • Write Poetry

    • Join The LangCorrect Community For Feedback On Your Writing

  • 10

    Learn Your Target Language By Practicing Grammar (German Resources Shown Here- But You Can Find Lots Of Print & Video Sources For Any Language)

    • Watch Frau's Grammar Lessons In Her Grammar Course

    • Study German Grammar Rules In A Book

    • Perplexed By Reflexive Verbs? Learn them on Quizlet.

  • 11

    Stay Motivated To Keep Learning

    • Stay Motivated By Learning About Your Target Language Culture (Example: "Easy German" Videos)

    • 7 Tips For How To Stick To Your Daily Learning System

    • 5 Ways To Keep Up Your Motivation To Practice

    • Have Fun Preforming A Target Language Dialog With A Partner

    • How To Rekindle Your Love For Your Foreign Language

  • 12

    Daily Homework = 30 Minutes Of Passively Listening

    • Listen To The Most Useful German Words & Phrases While You Sleep Or Work Out Or Wait For Something

    • A Review Of The Best German Podcasts:

    • Listen To This Week's News In Slow German:

    • Watch German Movies In English First, Then Only Listen, Repeatedly.

  • 13

    German Movie Suggestion: Edelsteinetrilogie (German Trilogy Based On The Novels)

    • 1. Rubinrot Film

    • 1. Rubinrot Hörbuch

    • 2. Saphirblau Film

    • 2. Saphirblau Hörbuch

    • 3. Samaragdgrün Film

    • 3. Samaragdgrün Hörbuch

  • 14

    Resources For Russian

    • Free TV Series On Youtube: Anna The Detective

    • Russian Series

  • 15

    Resources For French

    • Watch The French Version of "EXTRA" (Free)

    • French Shows On Netflix

    • Lesson Plan If Your Show Has French & English Subtitles

  • 16

    Resources For Spanish

    • Free Spanish Video Story (Great For New Learners)

    • Free Spanish Telenovela: La Patrona

    • Lesson Plan If Your Show Has Spanish & English Subtitles

    • Todo Puede Suceder (Only With Spanish Subtitles)