Write Competently in German with Dr. Eva Bogard

Write Competently in German

Topic: "Media in Germany" | Presented by Eva Bogard

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Welcome to Dr. Bogard's German Writing Course

If you need to be able to write well enough in German to create an essay, an interview, a speech, an advertisement, a blog or any other such text, this course will give you those skills so that you can get earn that passing grade or seize the great opportunity you have your eye on.

This is a complete, university level course that includes one free hour of personalized writing feedback and grammar coding on your first writing task! Another bonus is the extra 5 writing tasks that are included, so you can go through the course 5 more times, with 5 new writing assignments, but for the price of one.

You CAN learn to write correctly about intelligent topics, when you learn German with Dr. Eva Bogard.

The theme we are following in this course is "Media in Germany"

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Eva Bogard
Eva Bogard
State Certified German Teacher Helping Thousands of Students Learn German Language and Culture for Over 25 Years

Founder and Director of the Time To Learn German Academy

Eva Bogard, Ph.D. was born in Manhattan, New York to a German mother and a German-American father. She earned her bachelor's degree in foreign languages at snowy SUNY-Oswego and completed her graduate studies in Second Language Education and Instructional Technology at sunny USF-Tampa, where she earned her Master's and Doctorate degrees. She has spent several colorful summers in France enjoying the language and culture in Paris, St. Malo and Tours, but is usually found during her long summer breaks on the beach in Florida, or in the mountains of southwest Germany.

Professionally, she is very interested in online hybrid education, especially using instructional technology in both her classroom and her online courses to teach foreign languages. Eva is an International Baccalaureate teacher, and a Montessori education enthusiast. She has taught German, French and Spanish, as well as, Information Technology and Business Management over the last 25 years.

Questions? Contact: support@timetolearngerman.com

Table of Contents

Chapter 22 Informier Dich Videos
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Chapter 27 Vocabulary + Grammar + Format = Writing Competency
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Chapter 28 Motivation Break
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Chapter 30 Write Your First Draft (reach the word count within 90 minutes)
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Chapter 32 While You Wait for Feedback
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