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Presented by Eva Bogard

Welcome! Willkommen!

Welcome to our private, online community of German teachers and TTLG students enrolled in the TTLG Online Resource Academy. This is where I can help you use your German courses, answer your questions, and share helpful resources with you. You will also be joined by your TTLG colleagues and classmates.

And because sometimes you may just need a motivational push, or there’s a specific question you absolutely need answered, or you tried something new that’s giving you great results- this is your place to share your success with people who understand what you’re trying to do and we get it. We’ve been there too, and are happy for you when things are going right and understand when things get tough.

This is a community where we cheer each other on. We can share our experiences in an unprecedented way, because we get to see everyone's face and we all get to know each other on a more personal level, which isn’t possible anywhere else.

We’re going to work as a team, learn as a team, and we’re going to win as a team. No matter what age or stage you’re at in your German teaching or learning journey (we are all life-long learners), you’re going to have the help and support of not just myself, but every other member of this growing community.

And speaking of community, in order to have one, there needs to be a common mission and value set shared by the members.

We, the TTLG teachers and students, desire to live life more fully, by appreciating the German language and culture as evidenced by our quest to teach or master its pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. We desire the valuable opportunities that come to us when we help others and can communicate successfully in German. We also value...

  • building a bigger network,
  • indulging in our deep love for the delicious food we can find in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland,
  • connecting more deeply with our ancestral roots,
  • drinking in the beauty of the landscape, castles, and history found in every corner of these German-speaking countries,
  • growing as a more valuable player in global projects that are important to us,
  • and reaching out to experience more of what other countries and people offer us.

So that will be our purpose in our private TTLG Facebook group.

While polished, high-production quality content is great, I believe that teachers and  students also benefit from a more informal, yet interactive environment, where a certain value comes from a shared experience of our adventures in German language teaching, learning and travel. So I’m going to take you on my adventures. You should also feel free to share travel photos and German artifacts, recipes, songs, etc. in our Facebook group. We also would love to see the places outside of German-speaking countries, where students can find native speakers to practice with, and also places that you travel in your own state or country where German is spoken. Our photos are also helpful resources and learning tools for others, and can function as conversation stimuli.

You can also feel free to use your German skills to write your comments. It’s fun to see what we can do with our German, and we can give each other feedback on sentences we need help with: this can create an amazing online learning environment for all of us.

The first images and comments are waiting for you in this Facebook group now.

Once you have purchased your membership at the Time To Learn German Academy, please read the course documents posted in the curriculum area below. You will see instructions for how to access our private group!

See you soon,


Eva Bogard
Eva Bogard
State Certified German Teacher Helping Thousands of Students Learn German Language and Culture for Over 25 Years


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