Course Description

Germany's cultural "Schlager" music is the theme of this listening project that focuses on one particular American singer who has made a successful career singing Schlager in German in Germany.

Be sure to complete the introduction to Schalger Musik course before starting this one!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Song 2 = Winter Wunderland

    • Start & Complete Each Assignment By Labeling The Top Of A New Page In Your Composition Notebook

    • ASSIGNMENT 1 = Watch This "Winter Wunderland" Music Video. Write A Reflection In Your Composition Notebook.

    • ASSIGNMENT 2= Complete This Worksheet (Get A Copy In Class Or Print). You May Rewatch The Video As Often As You Need. Staple Into Notebook When Finished.

    • NOTE: You Need This Recording to Complete the Final Exercise on the Worksheet

    • ASSIGNMENT 3 = Correct Your Worksheet Using a Red Pencil and This Answer Key. Do Not Open This Until You Have Written An Answer For Every Exercise On The Worksheet.

    • ASSIGNMENT 4 = Tracking Activity (With Audio) + Reflection

    • ASSIGNMENT 5 = Watch & Notice The Backgrouund As Sarah Jane Scott Visits A German Christmas Market. Write A Brief Reflection.

    • ASSIGNMENT 6 & 7 = Translate & Correct This Song Into English (Or Your Native Language). ASSIGNMENT 8 = Add Phrases To Your Spiral Notebook.

    • ASSIGNMENT 9 = Test Yourself In Your Spiral Vocabulary Notebook On Finished Headlists & Old Distillation Lists. Date Everything You Do.

    • ASSIGNMENT 10 = Watch Sarah Jane Scott On A German TV Christmas Special. Listen Carefully To The Conversations Before & After The Song. What Do You Think They Said? Write Down What Your Understood.

    • ASSIGNMENT 11 = Sing the Refrain In Class With Your Classmates (Here Is The Video With Captions)

    • Listen to the Audio Only: "Winter Wunderland" at SLOW Speed

    • Finished Early? Practice The 4000 Individual German Vocabulary Words In The Langenscheidt Textbook.

    • Freitags = Q3 Grammatik

State Certified German Teacher For 30 Years

Dr. Bogard

The owner and creator of the Time To Learn German website is Eva Bogard, Ph.D. She was born in Manhattan (NYC) to a German mother and a German-American father. She earned her bachelor's degree in foreign languages at snowy SUNY-Oswego and completed her graduate studies in Second Language Education and Instructional Technology at sunny USF-Tampa, where she earned her Master's and Doctorate degrees. She has spent several colorful summers in France enjoying the language and culture in Paris, St. Malo and Tours, but is usually found during her long summer breaks on the beach in Florida, or in the mountains of southwest Germany. Professionally, she is very interested in online hybrid education, especially using instructional technology in both her classroom and online courses to teach foreign languages. Eva is an International Baccalaureate teacher, and a Montessori education enthusiast. She has taught German, French and Spanish, as well as, Information Technology and Business Management over the last 30 years.

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