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A growing collection of "Sentence Builders" and lesson plans used to help students develop their speaking and writing skills.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Learn About The Conti Method

    • Learn German In Chunks Instead Of Word By Word

    • How To Work With Sentence Builders (Presentation)

    • Here Is The Link To The Blog

    • Here Is The Link To The Youtube Channel

    • Here Is The Link To The Language Learning Website

  • 2

    Overview Of All Conti-Style Activities

    • Video: SB Explanation & Examples by Mr. Stewart

    • Complete SB Powerpoint Lessons For "Mein Zuhause"

    • Video: Sample Intro SB Lesson

    • Video: Sample Pronunciation Lesson For A SB

    • Video: Sample Remote Writing Assignment With A SB

    • Small Table Showing SB Activities

    • Amazing PowerPoint With Activities Organized By Skill

    • SB Games

    • "Tick or Cross?" A Reading Or Listening Game

    • Template For An SB Intro Lesson

    • "Sentence Stealer" Alternative Play

    • Online Student Whiteboards Are A Great Classroom Tool

    • Poster: Activities That Do Not Require White Boards & No Prep (Just Show The SB)

    • Game: Spot The Difference (Quick, No Prep)

    • Game: Post-It Note Hunt

    • All The Instructions For Every Receptive Listening Activity (PDF)

    • All The Instructions For Every Receptive Listening Activity (PPTX To Edit)

  • 3

    Sentence Builders

    • SB Wo ich wohne.

    • SB die Mahlzeiten

    • SB einladen

    • SB Familie: sich verstehen mit (reflexive verb)

    • SB letztes Wochenende

    • SB Verkehrsmittel

    • SB Berufe

    • SB Feiertage

    • SB zu Hause helfen (modals)

    • SB heiraten

    • SB Als ich jünger war (past tense modals)

    • SB Essen Trinken

    • SB Verhältnisse

    • SB Computer, Musik, Dschungel, Opa, Wochenende

    • SB Feste Zum Feiern

    • SB Freiwilligenarbeit

    • SB Schule

  • 4

    Lesson Plan: Talking About Yourself

    • SB Wer bin ich?

  • 5

    Lesson Plan: Holidays

    • Intro Lesson To SB Feste

    • SB Feste

    • SB Feste (.pptx)

  • 6

    Lesson Plan: Free-time Activities

    • SB Freizeit Lesson Plans

    • SB Spielen macht Spass

  • 7

    Lesson Plan: School Subjects

    • SB Schule Lesson

  • 8

    Lesson Plans: The Media Today

    • SB Medien Lesson

  • 9

    Lesson Plans: Wie Geht's?

    • Complete PP Presentation (but no matching SB)

  • 10

    Lesson Plan: French Example Showing Many Activities With One SB

    • French SB

  • 11

    No Textbook, No Computer & No Internet

    • Independent Learning Packet (= 10 School Days)

  • 12

    Sentence Builder Day

    • SB Unit 1: Talking About My Age

    • Independent Work With A New SB (6 Assignments)

    • Teacher Led Tasks For Introducing A New SB (After Going Over The Independent Work)

State Certified German Teacher For 30 Years

Dr. Bogard

The owner and creator of the Time To Learn German website is Eva Bogard, Ph.D. She was born in Manhattan (NYC) to a German mother and a German-American father. She earned her bachelor's degree in foreign languages at snowy SUNY-Oswego and completed her graduate studies in Second Language Education and Instructional Technology at sunny USF-Tampa, where she earned her Master's and Doctorate degrees. She has spent several colorful summers in France enjoying the language and culture in Paris, St. Malo and Tours, but is usually found during her long summer breaks on the beach in Florida, or in the mountains of southwest Germany. Professionally, she is very interested in online hybrid education, especially using instructional technology in both her classroom and online courses to teach foreign languages. Eva is an International Baccalaureate teacher, and a Montessori education enthusiast. She has taught German, French and Spanish, as well as, Information Technology and Business Management over the last 30 years.

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