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German Teacher Visitor's Packet

Download Your Free Packet of Posters, Translated Themes, Text-handling, and Idioms Activities | Presented by Eva Bogard

Welcome! Willkommen!

Hello Colleagues!

I am so happy to have you here! Please scroll down and download your free resources, which include a catalog of teacher resources available at my Time To Learn German (TTLG) Academy.

  • This free offer includes 5 full-color mini-posters to share with your students. They show 5 of the most important themes that German students must learn to write, read and speak about.
  • You will also find two translated syllabi (beginner and advanced) for the 5 poster themes along with sample topics for each- all translated into German so you and your students can use them in the target language in class. Consider assigning the translations of the 5 posters as a class exercise and let students get creative with their own version of my posters using the vocabulary from this list of themes.
  • Another free special offer is one of my many reading comprehension practice tests. You may wish to use it as a class assignment instead. Either way it's a fun activity based on the humor that can be found from auto-correct errors in a German SMS message.
  • Perhaps you will also like the free bonus I have added: It's a fun German idioms learning activity for students. The photos are rather compelling and the literal translations are sure to get some laughs from your kids.

My goal at TTLG is to help lighten your lesson planning work by posting many activities, tests, projects, courses and resources in an organized way for you to use for lesson planning, generating new ideas and using pages straight from this screen right in your live classroom. 

I have included a sample of one of our many reading practice tests and instructions for how to turn it into a complete lesson. Feel free to adapt any of my materials to your needs, or use them as is. They are ready for you to show in class on your computer monitor, or you can print them and make unlimited copies for as long as you need.

Please tell your German teacher friends about us and let them know they can also earn a 75% discount on the first, and each consecutive, month simply by emailing me a photo of their current teacher ID.

Looking forward to meeting you here online!

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Eva Bogard
Eva Bogard
State Certified German Teacher Helping Thousands of Students Learn German Language and Culture for Over 25 Years