Dr. Eva Bogard's German Writing Course

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Here you will find every tool you need to prepare yourself for the IB Language B Writing Exam. 

You must spend time studying these handouts, videos and notes. 

Practice writing different text-types (emails, brochure, flyer, interview, blog, ad, and journal entries) and improve your work with multiple drafts.

The ball is in your court, because YOU can choose your prompt and text format on the actual exam in May.

Passing your writing exam requires you to prove you have mastered all the basic grammar rules (capitalization, regular verb conjugations, cases, inverted word order), as well as some complex grammar skills (transposed word order, modal verbs, adjective endings, two-way prepositions, reflexive verbs, separable-prefix verbs, etc.).

Finally, you must remember and use lots of different vocabulary words that are spelled correctly, along with metaphors, idioms and interesting sentence beginnings.

Don't forget to include 3-5 specific format features that match your chosen text-type and always use paragraphs and show more than one perspective on your topic.

Eva Bogard
Eva Bogard
State Certified German Teacher Helping Thousands of Students Learn German Language and Culture for Over 25 Years

Dr. Eva Bogard


Table of Contents

Memorize The Grammar Rules- They Will Organize Your Vocabulary For You.
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The Mechanics of German Writing
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Write Your First Draft (reach the word count within 75 minutes)
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While You Wait for Feedback
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