Course Description

Here you will find every tool you need to prepare yourself for the IB Language B Writing Exam. 

You must spend time studying these handouts, videos and notes. 

Practice writing different text-types (emails, brochure, flyer, interview, blog, ad, and journal entries) and improve your work with multiple drafts.

The ball is in your court, because YOU can choose your prompt and text format on the actual exam in May.

Passing your writing exam requires you to prove you have mastered all the basic grammar rules (capitalization, regular verb conjugations, cases, inverted word order), as well as some complex grammar skills (transposed word order, modal verbs, adjective endings, two-way prepositions, reflexive verbs, separable-prefix verbs, etc.).

Finally, you must remember and use lots of different vocabulary words that are spelled correctly, along with metaphors, idioms and interesting sentence beginnings.

Don't forget to include 3-5 specific format features that match your chosen text-type and always use paragraphs and show more than one perspective on your topic.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Description

    • Visual Overview of The IB DP Exams

    • Video: Welcome to Your Course = Study Vocabulary-Review Grammar Rules-Practice Great Writing-Refine Your Work

    • Handout: The Entire 7 Week Writing Project Packet

  • 3

    Expand Your Vocabulary! These Are The Building Blocks of Your German Writing.

    • Handout: Use 6 Of These Cohesive Devices in Every Writing Task

    • Handout: Find Cohesive, Transition and Connector Words by Function

    • Handout: Use A Couple German Idioms In Any Writing Task

    • Video: How To Build a Leitner Flashcard Game To Memorize New Vocabulary

    • Handout: Leitner Game Instructions

  • 4

    Memorize The Grammar Rules- They Will Organize Your Vocabulary For You.

    • Text Lecture: It's Time for Grammar

    • Quiz: Are Your Ready for Grammar?

  • 5

    Articles: Everything You Need to Know

    • Text Lecture: Introduction to Articles

    • Video: What You Need to Know About Articles

    • Handout: How to Guess the Correct Gender of a Noun

    • Handout: Hard Copy of Articles PowerPoint

    • Quiz: Articles

    • Text: Grammar Textbook Instruction Sheet

    • Text: Grammar Assignment Sheet for Articles

    • Video: Grammar Chapter 1

    • Video: Chapter 1 Answer Key Video

    • Video: Grammar Chapter 3

    • Video: Chapter 3 Answer Key Video

  • 6

    Nouns: Everything You Need to Know

    • Text: Introduction to Nouns

    • Video: What You Need to Know About Nouns

    • Handout: Hard Copy of Nouns PowerPoint

    • Quiz: Nouns

    • Video: Use the "Monster Chart" to Figure out the German Cases

    • Handout: Green Monster Chart (front)

    • Quiz: Monster Chart (part 1)

    • Test: Monster Chart Challenge (part 1)

    • Text: Textbook Grammar Instruction Sheet

    • Text: Grammar Assignment Sheet for Noun Plurals

    • Video: Grammar Chapter 2 Tutorial

    • Video: Chapter 2 Answer Key

  • 7

    Adjectives: Everything You Need to Know

    • Text: Introduction to Adjectives

    • Video: What You Need to Know About Adjectives

    • Handout: Adjective PowerPoint Slides

    • Quiz: Adjectives Lesson

    • Video: Time Out! Motivational Moment: German Landscapes From Around The Country

  • 8

    Pronouns: Everything You Need to Know

    • Text: Introduction to Pronouns

    • Video: You Don't Need To Memorize

    • Video: What You Need to Know About Pronouns

    • Handout: Pronouns PowerPoint Slides

    • Quiz: Pronouns Lecture

  • 9

    Verbs: Everything You Need to Know

    • Text: Introduction to German Verbs

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Verb Conjugations

    • Handout: Verb Conjugations PowerPoint Slides

    • Quiz: Verb Conjugation

    • Video: What You Need to Know about the Present Tense + "seit"

    • Quiz: Present tense + seit

    • Video: What You Need to Know about "Haben" & "Sein"

    • Quiz: Haben & Sein

    • Video: What You Need to Know about "Magnificient" Modal Verbs

    • Quiz: Modal Verbs

    • Video: What You Need to Know about "zu" + Infinitive Verb

    • Quiz: "zu + infinitive"

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Reflexive Verbs

    • Quiz: Reflexive Verbs

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Separable Prefix Verbs

    • Quiz: Separable Prefix Verbs

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Commands

    • Quiz: Commands

    • Video: What You Need to Know about the Simple Past Tense

    • Quiz: Simple Past Tense

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Word Order

    • Quiz: Word Order

    • Video: What You Need to Know about the Conversational Past Tense

    • Quiz: Conversational Past Tense

  • 10

    Adverbs: Everything You Need to Know

    • Text: Introduction to Adverbs

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Adverbs

    • Handout: Adverbs PowerPoint Slides

    • Quiz: Adverbs

  • 11

    Prepositions: Everything You Need to Know

    • Text: Introduction to Prepositions

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Prepositions

    • Handout: Prepositions PowerPoint Slides

    • Quiz: Prepositions

    • Audio: Accusative Preposition song

    • Audio: Two-way Preposition Song

    • Audio: Dative Preposition Song

    • Audio: Genitive Prep Song

  • 12

    Conjunctions: Everything you Need to Know

    • Text: Introduction to Conjunctions

    • Video: What You Need to Know about Conjunctions

    • Handout: Conjunctions PowerPoint Slides

    • Quiz: Conjunctions

  • 13

    The Mechanics of German Writing

    • Video: German Comma Rules

  • 14

    The Advanced Monster Chart

    • Video: Advanced "Monster Chart" Grammar Lesson (30 minutes!)

    • Handout: Advanced Side of the Grammar Monster Chart

  • 15

    Your Writing Tool Kit - Use This To Prepare For Your Timed Writing & Then Again To Fix Your Drafts

    • Giant Table Of Adjectives (Use These Instead Of "interessant" Or "langweilig")

    • Handout: "Holy Grail" Sentence Starters (Use 10 In Your Writing Task)

    • Handout: Disagree At Least Once With Something

    • Handout: Alphabetical List Of German Cohesive Words (Pick 6)

    • Handout: Cohesive Words By Function (Pick 6)

    • Handout: Plow The 7 Fields With This TRACTOR (Include Each Feature In Your Writing Task)

    • Handout: Sprinkle On Some German Idioms (You Can Adjust The Subject Pronoun To Make It Fit Your Context)

    • Handout: Climb The Grammar Skill Ladder (Demonstrate Each In Your Writing Task)

    • Handout: Final Check of Top 25 Mistakes (Assume You Have At Least 1 Error In EVERY Sentence. Now Go Find Each & Fix It)

  • 16

    Do Not Write Anything Without First Knowing 3-5 Text Type Features For Each Type Of Text

    • Video: A Tour of Many Different Types of Texts You May Need To Write

    • Handout: Text Type Features Guidebook

    • Handout: The 2020 Approved Text-Types for the IB Lang B Paper 1 Written Production Exam

  • 17

    Samples Of Text Types

    • das Blog

    • die Broschüre

    • das Flugblatt (the flyer)

    • das Interview

    • das Plakat

    • Wie passt man viel Text auf einem Plakat? (How To Fit Lots Of Text On A Poster)

    • die Rede (looks like an essay but has 6 special elements)

    • die Werbung

  • 18

    This is How You Will Become A Competent Writer in German

    • Handout: Instruction Sheet For the 7 Week Writing Assignment

    • Visual: Overview Of The Learn How To Write In German Process

    • Video: Explanation of the 6 Step Writing Process

    • Handout: Overview of the 6 Step Writing Process

  • 19

    Write Your First Draft (reach the word count within 75 minutes)

    • TIME TO DO IT: Your 75 Minute Timed Writing Starts Here

  • 20

    Fix Your Draft using the List of 25 Most Common Errors

    • Handout: The List of the 25 Most Common Writing Errors To Fix

    • Handout: Checklist Of Complex Grammar Features (For Earning the Highest Language Score)

  • 21

    While You Wait for Feedback

    • Text: Play with Your Vocabulary Words on Quizlet

  • 22

    Color Code

    • Handout: How To Color Code and Label Parts of Speech

    • Handout: Color Code Grammar Tips

  • 23

    Code Your Errors & Take Inventory

    • Text: How To Create Your Errors Report

    • Handout: Self-Correcting Grammar Codes

    • Handout: Tally Sheet

    • Handout: Example of a Completed Errors Report

  • 24

    Finishing Your Writing Project

    • Handout: Written Production Scoring Rubrics

    • Handout: Cover Sheet SL & HL

    • Handout: Cover Sheet For Ab Initio Only

    • How to Convert an IB Essay Score To a Predicted Production Grade and a School Grade

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